• Time: 10/15/2011 (Saturday) 9am - 5pm | Venue: Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, Santa Clara Ballroom

As we move forward into the second decade of the 21st century, many old challenges remain and many new ones emerge.

Ubiquitous sensors in an intelligent connected-world are poised to revolutionize the ways that we interact with the world. This would have an impact on our lives as profound as the Internet technologies have changed the way we communicate. Hopefully, this would help usher in significant enhancement of the quality of lives for us and the future generations.

This conference will provide an overview of the current status and the trends in sensor technologies and networks and the opportunities and challenges they would bring. We would like also try to get a glimpse of how they could further influence and enrich our lives.

We hope that this conference would also provide a platform to help facilitate the communications and collaborations among the institutions and the talented pools of researchers, scientists and technologists; to help dissimilate and stimulate employment and investment opportunities in Taiwan and the USA.



Dr. Prith Banerjee, Senior Vice President and Director of HP Laboratories, Hewlett Packard

Prof. Chin-Teng Lin, Fellow, IEEE and Provost National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Dr. Sean Wang, President, ITRI International

Dr. Zhiyong Li, Principal Scientist, HP Laboratories, Hewlett Packard

Prof. Fu-Kuo Chang, Director, Structure and Composites Laboratory, Stanford University

Yan Chow, MD, MBA, FAAP, Director,Innovation and Advanced Technology Group, Information Technology, Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Kurt Petersen, Present, KP-MEMS