Steve Weiser

Steve Weiser

Co-Founder & CEO Devezee |
Co-founder & COO Just Start It Int.

The Innovation Age. Why the current Global Innovation Ecosystem needs a shakeup.


We live in an age where a handful of top Accelerators have produced Innovative Companies who’s combined revenues would put them in the top 10 biggest economies of the world. And they have done this over the course of a single decade.

Major corporates openly state that you must “Innovate or Die”. World leaders talk of the Innovation Age. If we assume that the Innovation Age is upon us we can also assume that our future successes or failures will depend on the health and strength of the Global Innovation Ecosystem.

There is a major focus as well as resources being allocated to growing Innovation, however the vast majority of over 7,500 Incubators/Accelerators still fail.

Let’s discuss why!!


My corporate career included a 12-year stint at Ernst & Young and then KPMG consulting. My ability to identify & solve problems was well utilised in the areas of Strategy, Risk and Process related work. These same skills have allowed me to enjoy the past 25 years working in the Innovation & Startup space, where I work with Investors, Innovators and other stakeholders within the Innovation Ecosystem around the world.