Sean Chu

Sean Chu



IoT plays a key role to enable the next generation living and connecting our lives to the internet and the world. At the same time, AI opens up the possibility and capability of truly leveraging the IoT devices to enhancing our productivity, monitoring our health, and safeguarding our property.

ThroughTek’s Kalay Cloud powers over 40-million cameras worldwide, deployed for different purposes and settings spanning home security monitoring, baby and elderly care, robotics, and smart factories.

In this talk, we will share how businesses can leverage Kalay Cloud and AI to explore and create the next generation living solutions with IoT and create new revenues. We will also discuss how to the combined solution will help solve common issues in the IoT industry such as the adoption rate, revenue streams, and profit sharing, including how to quickly adapt to the upcoming trends and stay ahead.


Sean is the Sales and Business Development Director, America & EMEA at ThroughTek where he helps clients through successful go-to-market expansion plans and strategies by giving legacy IoT device a new life through AI and automation adoptions and use cases.

Started as an account holder in ThroughTek, Sean has extensive experience in market development, sales strategies, distribution channels, and has a strong global clients/vendors network to achieve growth initiatives for new and existing products.