Anson Kwan

Anson Kwan


Anson Kwan is a Vice President at GrowthPoint Technology Partners, a technology investment bank that provides financial and M&A advisory services to technology companies. Through his work at GrowthPoint, Anson has helped numerous entrepreneurs weigh the pros and cons of various exit strategies for their companies. Anson will walk you through the trends in the tech M&A market and what you will want to know about the process of increasing the valuation of your company during a sale. Anson will share some insights gathered from his experiences with founders. Please feel free to bring your questions.


Anson Kwan covers the technology industry spanning software and services at GrowthPoint, an investment bank specializing with growth strategies for technology companies. He is responsible for client coverage and deal execution across M&A and strategic capital raises. He has helped numerous entrepreneurs with various exit strategies including the sale of to GE Digital and GDS to Stroz Friedberg. Prior to GrowthPoint, Anson was a technology practitioner focused on software and security platforms. Anson received his MBA from UC Berkeley. He is an active contributor to corporate and technology forums to drive successful outcomes for entrepreneurs.