Ravi Nannapaneni

Ravi Nannapaneni

M.S., MBA, Founder and CEO of Volteo

“IoT: Is it really “Smart” for my Business? Making it Real: The Why, What and how?”


These days, you hear a lot of talk about IoT and its potential to transform enterprises and business verticals of all sizes and shapes. Is this hype or is it real? If you are a business leader, you must be wondering; How can I apply IoT solutions to my business and what kind of business value can I expect?

Attendees of this session will learn practical approaches to delivering results using IoT solutions:
• Where do I start and navigate the technology landscape?
• How can I get buy-in and support from stakeholders?
• What are the cultural and change management issues to deal with?
• What are the benefits from moving to selling products as services?
• How to collect data from the physical world and analyze it in a timely way to drive business decisions.
• How to use IoT to create new revenue streams and what kind of ROI can be expected.
• How to navigate the complexities of connecting business assets and devices and use IoT data to improve operations and overall end-user experience.


Ravi Nannapaneni is an entrepreneur and innovation leader in business transformation. As a senior executive with experience in operations, business practices, and advanced information technologies, he empowers companies to thrive in today’s new digital world.

Ravi serves as Founder and CEO of Volteo, an innovative business transformation company. With a strong background in business strategy, competitive analysis, IT and service management, he leads global teams helping enterprises transition from a product to service-oriented company, navigate the Internet of Things to create new revenue streams and use service management to improve user experiences.

Ravi spent more than 20 years at Intel, a top technology innovator, where he held positions as Service Transformation Leader, Intel IT; Principal Engineer, IT Operations; Director of Business Development, Intel Capital; Supply Chain Capability Manager, Intel Assembly/Test Manufacturing and various other positions of increasing responsibility in the U.S. and Asia.

Ravi has an MBA in Finance from Columbia University, an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Strategy from the University of California, Berkeley, and a MS in Computer Science from Arizona State University.

He is a sought-after speaker on business transformation, service management and IoT and speaks on running IT like a service business and the latest Smart technologies for enterprises, Smart Cities, buildings, stadiums, retail and more.


Volteo is a leader in smart business transformation. We deliver simple, innovative solutions to enable companies to work smarter. We go beyond the traditional delivery model to empower customers with new tools to energize their business. Our services include Security and Service Management as well as IoT Smart Services for today’s digitally connected world. Our team is made up of people who have played the customer role, can think big, connect the dots, focus on business outcomes and deliver value beyond IT.