Alex Lai

Alex Lai

Ph.D., CIO, NexCom, Taiwan

“IoT as a Service in the Coming ‘4.0’ Era”


IoT is making the whole planet smarter and smarter by enabling hyper-connections among virtually everything to sense and shape the world, and thus impacting all aspects of the society, including innovation, business, and service models. However, not all companies and organizations are ready to embrace such impacts. In particular, there are gaps among the IoT technology providers, service providers, and the end users, no matter what kind of the business or service models – O2O, freemium, multi-sided platform, to name a few – are employed. In this session, we will share how a proper, quick-to-solution mechanism can bridge such gaps and deliver the value in the new, IoT-savvy ecosystem in the age of “the 4th evolution”.


Alexander I-Chi (Alex) Lai, Ph.D., is the Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) of NEXCOM International Co., Ltd., a leading IPC company publicly listed in Taipei Exchange (TPEx). As the CIO, Alex is responsible for driving the advancement of the ICT infrastructure and services in the NEXCOM group towards providing better, hoslitic services to the demanding customers of NEXCOM in the coming age of I4.0.

Prior to joining NEXCOM, Alex served in a number of senior leadership positions in the ICT industry for some 15 years, including R&D Director at AscenVision Technology Inc. (now part of Fortinet, Inc.), Divisional Director of Enterprise Projects at Acer Inc., Internaional Sales Program Director at Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), and Chief Architect/Senior Director at Wistron Corp. and Wiwynn Corporation (a spinoff of Wistron making hyper-scale datacenter products). Dr. Lai received his B.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University, Taiwan, and M.B.A. from University of Southern California.