Thomas Fu

Thomas Fu

CEO Office Director & Business Development

“The IoT—Biggerst Market Trend in Recent Tech History”


“The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hyped term and many definitions for it exist. Worse still, it comes with a lot of related terminology that is not used uniformly either, hindering scientific discourse. The most important terms like things, devices, entities of interest, resources, addressing, identify and, more importantly, the relationships between them.” The IoT is about connecting everything and everyone to the internet. By 2020, we are expecting to see 50 bil-lion devices connected to the internet, producing massive amount of data that will be used to optimize all aspects of society.


Thomas Fu is a business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have carried multiple companies through rapid and continuous growth. Thomas started his business right after honorable discharged as the attaché of the U.S. DoD with Acer, and has been an unstoppable force ever since. Moved from market development into sales management, managing di-rector and then senior-level executive position. In every company, including Gigabyte, Mahindra British Tele-com, and most recently Wistron ITS, Thomas’s success formula for excellence in execution: 80% Execution (Do it) 15% Position (Stick to it) 5 % Strategy (Plan it) Thomas is distinguished by his passion for business, his focus on collaborative team-building, and his commit-ment to meeting customer and market demands. His contagious enthusiasm instills him and his team members with extraordinary energy and dedication in an environment where creativity and innovation are encouraged. Thomas does not just set out ambitious goals… he motivates people to deliver.