Sachin Desai

Sachin Desai

Performance Architect Graphite Systems

“Cloud Computing at Scale”


Sachin helps explore the technically diverse landscape that comprises cloud computing. The transition from mainframe, to thick clients, and the cloud, has always presented a unique combination of scalability issues.

The promise of the cloud ‘revolution’ is to allow these scales, without concerns of downtime, failures and usability costs.

Sachin examines how each component of the cloud, namely SDDC, SDN and SDS, help achieve these goals. We examine the impact of multicore architechtures on scalability and cloud computing.


With 16 years in enterprise platform and server development, Sachin is a specialist in video and storage technologies. He has a wealth of experience with Flash Memory, MPEG, NVMe, SCSI, SAS, SATA and operating systems development. Sachin has been an industry analyst, project lead and technical marketer. He has participated in numerous Flash, Ethernet and Open Server conferences as organizer, chair and speaker. He is active officer of the IEEE Computer Society, assisting as Technical Director. At Graphite, a Big Data startup, Sachin helps calibrate, instrument and test, both hardware and software, for maximum performance and resilience. He earned his Masters in Computer Engineering, from SCU, and Bachelors in Computer Science from UCSC.