Kevin Park

Kevin Park

Software Architect

“The Future is Big and Cloudy: How Big Data and Service Infrastructures enable individuals and small businesses to compete on a large scale and in global markets”


The emergence of Service Infrastructures has allowed small entities to build systems rivaling those of established companies thousands of times larger, while Big Data tools and techniques have helped focus the work and keep teams small. High Tech has seen incredible change, with the top players — including FaceBook and Google — rising to prominence in the past decade in areas previously unknown or untapped by existing corporations. While these new companies are growing in size to match their competition and meet ever – changing needs, the effects of the small companies and technologies that they absorbed cannot be ignored.

Large size often provides stability and resources, but the same stability that benefits larger companies also prevents them from moving on trends they themselves identify. The ability of smaller entities to leverage the same resources, often through the use of tools created or provided by the larger companies, while remaining agile enough to pivot and integrate bleeding-edge technology, allows them to quickly target or even invent new areas, in real-time.


Kevin Park is a scientist and engineer who earned his undergraduate degree from Caltech and his graduate degree from Stanford. He has worked in both hardware and software areas at companies such as Unisys, Brocade, NetApp, Cloudera, and Google, but prefers smaller, nimble companies similar to those outlined in his talk. He also teaches 3D Animation, Python programming, and Game Development at a private college and is involved with local politics as a volunteer and activist. Several of the infrastructures he built for aforementioned companies are still in use today, over a decade after inception.