Jordan Jiang

Jordan Jiang

President and General Manager of iEi Integration Corp

“Arising of IoT Expedites Industry Transformation – From Hardware to Service Value Added”


When talking about IoT, there are 3 main aspects to look at, Information Technology (IT), Operation Technology (OT) and Domain Knowledge. IT is the application software, cloud computing and big data while OT is the smart sensors, devices, communication networking equipment and servers. However, we believe domain knowledge is the key of IoT and iEi has been cultivating several vertical markets including:

  • Smart Resort(Tourism)

    By capturing data through IoT technology in a high-level luxury resort, the owner can predict user behaviors and market trends through massive analysis. The intelligent technology also brings the visitors a whole new experience and thus increases visitor retention rate.

  • Smart Healthcare (Medical)

    Tendency of medical intelligence is highly increased in response to the aging trend and lack of clinical staff. Connected healthcare devices help recording patients’ vital signals in digital format at any time in-stead of writing periodically. Connected device improves work efficiency and enhance big data analysis.

  • Electronic Monitoring (Correction Industry)

    Electronic monitoring is introduced to improve subject rehabilitation and prison cost reduction. Both electronic monitoring and IoT have the same architecture, which consists of hardware, software, network and service. iEi provides smart connected sensors, which provides massive data to backend software. Through data analysis, backend software can predict wearer behavior, location and device condition. Service center
    will take necessary action.


Dr. Jordan Jiang, President and General Manager of iEi Integration Corp. in Taiwan since 2004, has recently focused on leading the Group in development and promotion of IoT (Internet of Things) solution and Smart City applications. Dr. Jiang was born in Taiwan and ever lived in the United States for 19 years since 1985. He holds a Ph.D. degree of industrial engineering of Arizona State University. Under Dr. Jiang’s leadership and with his broad industrial experience, iEi has numbers of successful IoT cases including smart buildings, intelligent transportation, retail system, a new generation of fitness management system, healthcare and smart resort. Besides the focus on the development of innovative technology and IoT applications, Dr. Jiang has introduced and practiced Toyota management system on iEi Group production facilities. Keep monitoring at every detail in production process and product development to reduce waste and improve efficiency. Dr. Jiang has a vision of leading iEi Group to develop intelligent and green solutions to offer people on this planet a convenient life and better living environment.