Jesse Shiah

Jesse Shiah

Co-founder of AgilePoint

“The Trend of IoT and How It Will Transform The Next Generation Digital Business”


While many early adoption scenarios of the IoT are for consumer markets, the IoT devices and technologies originally designed for consumers will shift into a powerful force to determine an organization’s speed and level of success to become a digital business. In addition, while organizations span industries recognize the long term impact of the IoT, their attitudes to the IoT vary significantly by industry, company size, and region. In this session, we will discuss what are the key technology and service oriented building blocks that can enable enterprises quickly create self-adaptive, scalable, and reliable real-world IoT solutions and deploy business models that take advantage of the IoT.


Mr. Shiah is the co-founder of AgilePoint, a silicon valley based software innovator, with a passion and emphasis in redefining the traditional application development with a new paradigm of Web-scale application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS). This innovation enables the rapid composition of self-adaptable, smart Cloud and IoT applications with no code. Before founded AgilePoint, Mr. Shiah held key management positions span technical, product management, and business at prior startup that was acquired by GE. Mr. Shiah received a M.S. degree in computer engineering and a MBA from University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He is a frequent speaker at various IT and Cloud computing conferences. Mr. Shiah’s vision is shaped by his more than 25 years of experience in aligning business and IT to simplify adoption of technology yet can deliver sustained and transformational business benefits.