Dr. David Yen

Dr. David Yen

Senior VP and GM, Data Center Group Cisco

“The Network is the Cloud”


The network in the data center has been evolving rapidly in the last few years and will continue to evolve, transforming from being simply passive interconnects to being strategic control panel for the cloud computing data center. The speaker will review different phases of such evolution and the rational for evolving. He will also talk about Cisco’s recent leadership switching product introductions, including its fabric automation and hybrid cloud technologies.


David Yen is the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Data Center Technology Group at Cisco which includes Data Center Switching, Servers, Storage and Load Balancing. He is responsible for continuing the success of the Cisco Unified Computing System and Cisco Nexus switching portfolios, and for taking Cisco’s leadership in the data center to the next level.

Yen has nearly three decades of knowledge, expertise, and passion for engineering excellence. Before joining Cisco, he was the Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Fabric and Switching Business Group at Juniper Networks, where he led the QFabric multiyear initiative in data center network research and development. Previously he spent over 20 years at Sun Microsystems, Inc. In the 1990s, he led the development of Sun’s first- and second-generation multi-CPU SMP servers, which transformed Sun from a workstation company to a leading enterprise server company. As head of Sun’s Microelectronics group in 2001, he turned around Sun’s declining SPARC business, introducing the industry’s first 8-core, 32-thread general-purpose processor in 2005 and developing it into a multi-billion dollar business. He also managed Sun’s storage business for one year. Prior to that, Yen was a cofounder of Cydrome, Inc., a mini-supercomputer start up. He also served in engineering roles at IBM Research for manufacturing automation and TRW, Inc. for advanced processor development.

Yen holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the National Taiwan University and a master’s degree and doctorate in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He holds three U.S. patents.