Amit Chaturvedy, Cisco

Amit Chaturvedy, Cisco

Manager and Head of IoT Investment Fund

“Cisco IoT Investments Strategy & Market Overview ”


IoT is going to radically transform how we work, live, play and learn. By market estimates, 50 Bn ‘things’ would be connected to the internet by 2020. The IoT ecosystem is nascent at this time and it’s unclear where value creation will occur and what players would capture it. Cisco has taken a market leadership position by setting up a dedicated $100M Investment Fund to invest in newly emerging technologies across the globe. Amit Chaturvedy will provide an overview of the IoT market landscape and Cisco’s investment strategy in IoT. He will also highlight emerging areas in IoT and where value creation will occur.


Amit Chaturvedy joined Cisco in 2014 and leads the global investment practice for Internet of Things (IoT). Prior to Cisco, Amit was at Summit Partners where he sourced and led investments in communications technology, financial services and consumer sectors in US, Europe and India. Previously, he was at Cummins Inc. where he designed software for diesel engines and led customer liaison activities for Daimler Chrysler Corporation. Amit also worked in the investment banking group at Citigroup, NY.

Amit received mechanical engineering degrees from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Bombay and Purdue University – West Lafayette and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.